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White Cycles

Sound and visual installation along the river Mühlbach, St.Pölten.

Alles Blau

Paisajes Interrumpidos – Album

Tour Paisajes Interrumpidos

Faded Green

for bass clarinet

The path gets steeper the further you go and the heat overwhelms the walk…

Monica, Cordelia & Mercedes

Sound installation / sound-art objects

In the pauses of the day,
I’m accompanied by them.
Permanent residents,
Invisible companionship…

Melting Winter

for solo flute

It was a white beautiful winter’s day.
I went for a walk in the frosty blue cold.
I saw the frozen waterfall. Still. Quiet.


for ensemble and video

Step. Step. Twirl. Step. Dance.


Digital album and 12″ vinyl

New album out now!
Order vinyl…


improvisations for voice

I’m there. I listen, hear, interact, react.
Later, I relive it, remember it, recreate it.
I can no longer tell which sounds were real and which were imaginary. Does it matter?


para violín o viola preparada

Un árbol cae en el medio del bosque (…)
¿Hace algún sonido?

Organic 4.0

fixed media

Exploration of sound through color and form. New version!

Last Radio

for piano, broadcaster and cassette

The world ended abruptly, yet predictably. There is not much left, but a single radio signal broadcasting live from the end of the world.
Tune in…

Music for evenings

released by B flat society

Limited edition 10” vinyl and lino-print. Listen here…


released by Breton cassette

Cassette and hand-made wooden box containing a unique sculpture. The tracks alternate between voice pieces and field recordings. Take a look and listen…

A line sounds

sound installation

Paper and string sound sculptures spread across the room. How do they sound?

Mathematics of Life

for ensemble and animation

“Mathematics of Life” is here to help you find the purpose of our daily existence. A complete method to calculate the ultimate answer! See more…

P.S. I left the key under the rug

for ensemble and animation

Wake up after some strange dream. I get up, make myself some tea, pack my bags, and leave a note. See what happens next…

Roof tiles

Sunrises made into roof tiles. See more…

Sunrises on roof tops

Photo collages

Color moods of the sky of Graz.
See more…

Isolation on grey

Drawing series

Series of 14 drawings.
See more…

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A collection of nine unique postcards. See all…


Photo collage

Photo collages inspired on the rooftops of Graz. See more…

Nature on blue

Natural things on watercolor

Tree noses, funky blue hair, and other parts of nature on blue. See photos…

Rosemary chicken and potatoes for dinner

for string trio and narration

Inside a big wooden house in a small village of the Austrian countryside, a day goes by in the blink of an eye. Listen to the story…

Quotidian Studies / Estudios cotidianos

Drawing series

Series of 50 black and white drawings in A5 format. See more…

Botanical Garden

Plaster and wire sculptures

A series of small sculptures inspired in nature. See sculptures…

Cuchuflí barquillo

for 5 percussionists

Un viaje sonoro lleno de sabores chilenos.
Estreno pronto!
A sound journey full of Chilean flavors. Listen here…


Short film

Film still from short film "Soundtrack"

A walk in the nature interrupted by thoughts. Watch…


A series of colorful, abstract watercolor paintings. See more…

On isolation

Drawing series

What happens when the element is released from its reference? See more…


for voice, flute, clarinet, tenor saxophone and video

About Chilean women born in the 50s and how they rethink and rebuilt their role in the Chilean society. Dedicated to my mom. Watch…

Night Memoirs

Music theater for ensemble and actor

A person sleeps in his room when suddenly is awakened by the sound of a mosquito. See what happens here…


Silent video poems

Soundless video poems, that suggest a certain musicality (inner-sound) throughout the visual. Watch poems…


Sound-art object

On Silent Visual Music

experimental films

Short films exercises on silent visual music. From my research on visual music. Watch films and read research…

A matter of choice

for clarinet

Nowhere places

Watercolor and paper figures

What can color and a single figure do? Find out…

A house’s tale

for fixed media, performers and video

After a long day someone arrives home. The space is suddenly different and the scene takes action…

You cannot stay in the future

fixed media

Exploring voice through graphic notation. Listen here…



An immersive installation for flashlight and speakers. See how they spin…

Sound Images

Improvisation maps

Imagining sound through images. See maps…

Something like musique concréte

fixed media

A series of tracks composed using objects and field recordings. Listen…


Sound-art object

Gertrude is an art and sound object. Watch her sing here…


for two instruments and a light bulb

Two performers and a light bulb. See what happens…

Field of Ladders


From the perspective of a bird, a field of ladders is presented. See photos and video here…

Paisajes Ajenos

for ensemble, live electronics and visuals

A sound and visual journey. See and listen…


for ensemble

Exploration of sound through color and form. See score and watch video…

Journey Letters

Short films

Video letters narrating my first years in Europe. Watch here…

Musical Offer to Michael Jones

for strings and animation

A string duo, a cello suite and a string trio composed in the memory of the photographer Michael Jones. Animation based on his photography. Watch and listen…

Agua Madre

for ensemble

Ensemble piece in four movements. Listen…

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