Work list

Alles blau – for vocal ensemble
White Cycles – sound installation
Paisajes Interrumpidos – album (EP – 10″ vinyl)

Paisajes Interrumpidos – tour
Faded Green – for bass clarinet
Miniatures for piano
Monica, Cordelia & Mercedes – art and sound objects

Melting Winter – for flute
Tango – for ensemble and video
Exótic – album (digital & 12″ vinyl)
Organic 4.0 – fixed media
Daydreaming – improvisations for voice
Árbol – for prepared violin or viola
Last Radio – for piano, broadcaster and cassette
Street meditation – for clarinet and tape
Loop atmospheres – fixed media
Music for evenings – album (10” vinyl)

Indoors – album (cassette)
A line sounds – sound installation
Fishing – watercolor on paper
Textile of seat bus – watercolor on paper, machine stitched
Psychedelic pancakes – watercolor on paper
Isolation on grey – series drawing
Field – watercolor on paper, machine stitched

Rapunzel – watercolor on paper and thread
Orange – watercolor on paper, machine stitched
Roof tiles – photos, machine stitched
Sunrise on rooftops – stitched photo cut outs
Roofs – photo collages
A matter of choice – for clarinet
Cuchuflí barquillo – for 5 percussionists
Yellow noise – watercolor on paper
Cuando mi abuelo cantaba – for two accordions
Pollo al romero con papas – for piano, violin and violoncello
Drowning Fly – for percussion, piano and violin
Blue blanket – watercolor on paper, machine stitched
Nature on blue – natural things and watercolor
Sharing is caring – postcard series
On isolation – drawing series
Nowhere places – watercolor and paper figures
Soundtrack – short film / fixed media
Quotidian studies – drawing series
Mathematics of life – for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and animation
On silent visual music – experimental silent films

Conversations – for flute, sax, clarinet, voice and video
Gertrude – art and sound object
One + one + one + one – experimental silent films
A house’s tale – for fixed media, performers and videos
Voice pieces – fixed media
Chair – fixed media
Radio – fixed media

Botanical garden – plaster and wire sculptures
Field of Ladders – paper cut installation

Rosemary chicken & potatoes for dinner – for violin, viola, cello and narrator
Paisajes Ajenos – for ensemble, electronics and live visuals
Seasons – fixed media
Kitchen door fixed media
Sound images – improvisation maps
Night Memoirs – music theater for ensemble and actor
*You cannot stay in the future – fixed media

**Ps. I left the key under the rug – for ensemble and animation
One way stream – for 3 percussionist in water
Morar, habitar – for mezzo and 2 percussionists
Pendulum – for 2 instruments and light bulb
*Xuán – sound and visual installation
**YohyYo – silent video poems

Journey Letters I, II, III – short films
Trails in the blue – photo book
**Organic – for ensemble
Origami – for dancers
Texturas – for soprano, 2 mezzos, alto

Universo Privado – for violin, viola, cello
Suite – for cello
Diálogos – for violin and viola

La pérdida, el deambular, el desapego – for ensemble

Trova – for mezzo and cello
Agua Madre – for ensemble

Amaranto – for choir
Trío de flautas – for 3 recorders

Acuarela – for orchestra

Tierra de sombra – for cello and piano

*Collaborative works.
**Piece arranged for several instrumentation or with different versions