Experimental songs

In 2019 I started exploring composition through singing for the first time. In this project, I left the traditional platform of written music to explore a new atmosphere of sound led by vocal textures. This was the birth of a series of voice pieces now published in my debut album “Indoors” (2021). Later came “Music for evenings”(2022), where flutes and self-made instruments are braided with thin voice lines. The same year, I released “Exótic” (2022) an album that was cooking already for some years, in which I openly embraced many influences that had marked my youth and adulthood. This is the first album that explores “the song” both in form and lyrics.

In the development of this musics, improvisation and the use of loops became an important part of the composition process, resulting in a series of sound experiments now gathered in a collection of pieces under the title “Loop atmospheres”.

The live concerts brings together the results of these explorations in a solo performance format.


It is a continuum that fluctuates between soundscapes, experimental songs, loop atmospheres, and field recording. A listening experience that submerges the listener into an intimate and delicate ambience.

Best off / Board off Linz 2023

26. Oct. 2023 – Kunstuniversität Linz, Austria

5×5 Brückentestspiele

  1. Sept. 2023 – Westbahnbrücke St.Pölten, Austria.

Kultursommer Wien 2023

21. July 2023 – Kongresspark Vienna, Austria

Livingroom concert

19. Nov. 2022 – Frutillar, Chile

Forst Fest 2022

15. July 2022 – Lilienfeld, Austria

Live at Raumschiff

3. April 2022 – Initiative Raumschiff, Linz, Austria

Breton Matinée

6. March. 2022 – Kunstnerneshus, Oslo, Norway

New Year’s eve am Forst

31. Jan. 2021 – Lilienfeld, Austria