Quotidian Studies

Series of drawings

Fine-liner pen on paper
Size: A5 (148 × 210 mm) each drawing

“Quotidian studies” started as an impulse to practice and exercise drawing. I focused on the objects around my home. On the new things, on the old ones, the borrowed, the inherited and the foreign. I focused on the objects with presence and character.

The image floats on the white paper without showing any other reference, no additional line, no shadow or suggestion of light, only its outline and the details that make each object special.

After several of these drawings, the exercise developed into a discovery of the personality of each object through a clean and simple aesthetic.

In the observation, the objects are deconstructed, decomposed and re-contextualized, allowing certain attributes to appear and reveal their unique character and essence.

“Quotidian studies” gathers 50 drawings that portray 50 different objects of daily use.

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