Limited edition cassette and sculpture
Sold out! You can still get a digital album on bandcamp.

While listening to washing machines, walks in the garden and kitchen sounds, the music transports us to different rooms in a home. Abruptly, the thick and yet fragile masses of voices take over and we are taken out of this state and into an abstract train of thoughts. “Indoors” deals with this inner and outer world, jumping from one to the other in an intimate sound experience that encourages us to connect with our own routine and the inner-self.

The release consists on a 9 track cassette and a hand-made wooden box containing a unique sculpture. The tracks alternate between voice pieces and field recordings.

Composition and mixing: Roberta Lazo Valenzuela
Design j card: Roberta Lazo Valenzuela
Design and production of wooden boxes: Robert Trömer
Label: Breton Cassette
Mastering: Adam Badí Donoval
Photo documentation: Erik Mowinckel
Released: 8 Oct 2021