Topographic Triptych // Tríptico Topográfico

2022 – 2023
Three compositions for wind soloists.

“Topographic Triptych // Tríptico Topográfico” consists of the development of three pieces for soloists that rescue elements from different landscapes of the world. Each piece is connected to a specific place where the composer has lived and met the performers (Hanne Rekdal, Anna Koch and José Luis Urquieta).

The project reflects on the importance of landscape in the development of culture and creativity, pondering on the significance of our natural environment and the differences and similarities that we have through it.

If the experience of nature affects a person so deeply, how does it affect the cultures that inhabit it? How many points of encounter exist when we share the experience of landscape? And, how does our vision of the world change when we experience a new scenery?

I. Melting Winter // Deshielo invernal (for flute)

“Melting Winter” is inspired on the Norwegian winter, specifically concerned with the effects of global warming in this season. Throughout the piece the flute is gradually disassembled, re-stating the sound possibilities and techniques in each movement. The different parts of the instrument are used individually to develop textures and timbers that goes along with the dramatic narrative. The work evolves within an intimate sonic universe monopolised by wind sounds and subtle events. A vast open panorama that becomes more solitary and fragile as the piece unfolds.

II. Faded Green // Verde degradado (for bass clarinet)

“Faded Green” is inspired on the experience of being inside the Austrian woods, where the thin and high tree trunks create rhythmic patters and the light is filtered by the tree tops. Branches and leaves merge to create porous yet solid textures while the muddy ground blurs the footprints of some previous walker. The somewhat organised wild is heavy with the air of the past, a solitude that is both freeing and melancholic.

III. – Between waters and rocks // Entre aguas y rocas (for oboe)

The sea and the mountain range (cordillera) are pillars of a dual identity. The ancient sneaking out of the modern, the native and foreign, the rich and the poor, a crush of histories that coexists trapped between natural borders. Amidst the confusion, waters and rocks console us. The landscapes gives us that needed sense of gravity.