Ofrenda musical a Michael Jones / Musical offer to Michael Jones

In memory of the photographer Michael Jones, who was my godfather and friend.

Performed by Fabián Esparza (violin), Daluz Sepúlveda (viola) and Mario Alarcón (violoncello). Animation and drawings by Consuelo Tupper.

Excerpt of “Musical offer to Michael Jones”, 2015 in Parque Cultural de Valparaíso, Chile.

The project gathers three pieces for strings and an animation based on his photography.

The first piece, Diálogos (Dialogues) for violin and viola, consists in 10 small conversations of daily life.

The second, it’s a Suite for cello solo in six movements: Prelude, Allemanda, Courante, Sarabanda, Walz, Gigue.

And the third one, Universo Privado (Private universe) for violin, viola and cello, takes the name of one of the works of Jones and it’s accompanied by the animation made by the artist Consuelo Tupper.

Diálogos / Dialogues

for violin and viola


for cello solo

Universo Privado / Private universe

for violin, viola and violoncello


  • 8 Sept 2015 – Parque Cultural de Valparaíso
  • 16 Sept 2015 – Recording – Estudios Niebla, Santiago
  • 29 Sept 2015 – Música contemporánea de compositores jóvenes – Universidad Católica de Chile
  • 10 Nov 2017 – Concierto de Cámara de Mujeres – Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana, Santiago.