Field of ladders

Installation: 182 Paper-cuts over wall.


Field of Ladders

Field of Ladders
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From the perspective of a bird, a field of ladders is presented. The scene is illuminated with a subtle light in movement. The shadows change according to the position of the light in the same way that the sun does at different times of the day.

Patterns appear. They are drawn on the floor, they are long and then short. They move softly, almost silently. The objects stand still, hundreds of them, all aligned in a pleasant symmetry. Unmeasured, time passes in the shape of moving shadows.

The paper ladders are used as structures for creating rhythms. The moving texture that results from the repetition of the object, both in volume and in shadow, offers a moment of contemplation, an opportunity to see the passage of time as opposed to calculating it.

Video of “Field of Ladders”, performance with flashlight.
Video by Roberta Lazo Valenzuela.