A house’s tale

for fixed media, performers and video


A room: a wall, a hanging photo, a table and a chair. After a long day someone arrives home. The space is suddenly different and the scene takes action.

Concept: Roberta Lazo Valenzuela
Choreography: Damián Cortés
Performance: Damián Cortés, Marcela López and Aymará Parola
Music and video: Roberta Lazo Valenzuela

Damián Cortés and Marcela López in “A House’s Tale”.
Photo by Roberta Lazo Valenzuela.

In this collaboration, Roberta Lazo (composer) and Damián Cortés (choreographer) explores stories that happened inside of a house.

The performance is a recollection of layered anecdotes of a room that share the same space but occur in different timelines.

Damián Cortés in “A House’s Tale”.
Photo by Roberta Lazo Valenzuela.

The music is a selection of fixed media pieces in which the composer works with the sound of different objects (Radio, Chair, Kitchen Door) and with recordings of her own voice in the series “Voice pieces”.

“A house’s tale” includes as well two videos that are projected onto the stage: “Hanging Photo” and “Wallpaper”.

Damián Cortés and Marcela López in “A house’s tale”.
Photo by Roberta Lazo Valenzuela.

The “Hanging Photo” appears in one of the walls as a passive picture throughout most of the performance until the photo as well as the frame, start to move sporadically. The video was made from a documentation of a tango rehearsal by Damián Cortés and Marcela López.

“Wallpaper” is an experimental and abstract video that takes Damián Cortés as a module to create a wallpaper texture that moves.

During sessions with the dancers, the composer documented some of the rehearsals and improvisations. This material gave origin to short videos which are presented as a separate experimental film series “Subject #1“.