In 2019 I started exploring composition through singing for the first time. In this project, I left the traditional platform of written music to explore a new atmosphere of sound led by vocal textures. This was the birth of a series of voice pieces now published in my debut album “Indoors”. Later came “Music for evenings”, where flutes and self-made instruments are braided with thin voice lines.

Improvisation became an important part of the composition process, resulting in a series of “Loop atmospheres” and other sound experiments.

This solo project brings together the results of these explorations in the form of a live performance. It is a continuum that fluctuates between soundscapes, experimental songs, loop atmospheres, and field recording. A listening experience that submerges the listener into an intimate and delicate ambience.


New Year’s eve am Forst

31. Jan. 2021 – Lilienfeld

Breton Matinée

6. March. 2022 – Kunstnerneshus, Oslo, Norway.

Live at Raumschiff

3. April 2022 – Initiative Raumschiff, Linz, Austria